Monday, December 5, 2016

mysticism, vibration and the power of wazifas

"Vibrations as a rule have length as well as breadth; and they may last the least fraction of a moment or the grater part of the age of the universe. They make different forms, figures, and colors as they shoot forth, one vibration creating another; and thus myriad’s arise out of one. In this way there are circles beneath circles and circles above circles, all of which form the universe. Every vibration after its manifestation becomes merged again in its original source. The reach of vibrations is according to the fineness of the plane of their starting-point. To speak more plainly, the word uttered by the lips can only reach the ears of the hearer; but the thought proceeding from the mind reaches far, shooting from mind to mind. The vibrations of mind are much stronger than those of words. The earnest feelings of one heart can pierce the heart of another; they speak in the silence, spreading out into the sphere,so that the very atmosphere of a person’s presence proclaims his thoughts and emotions. The vibrations of the soul are the most powerful and far-reaching, they run like an electric current from soul to soul."....Hazrat Murshid Inayat Khan in THE SUFI TEACHINGS OF HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN VOLUME II THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND, MUSIC, THE POWER OF THE WORD, COSMIC LANGUAGE in

When we sound aloud a wazifa, we set in motion a specific vibration that affects both the speaker and the environment around the speaker, that spreads in ever wider and wider circles throughout the cosmos. The shape of a pebble and the force at which it impacts a pool of water will determine the resulting wave structure of the water surface.

Often the speaker wants to know the meaning of the wazifa. Does it matter if the speaker knows the meaning of the wazifa? Not necessarily. Often if the speaker knows the dictionary meaning, her or his mental expectations can offset the original vibratory nature of the wazifa.

After using the wazifa a few hundred times or a few thousand times, and the speaker and the spoken word begin to merge anyways. So often the dictionary meaning of the word can be left undefined to the speaker.

Why use a wazifa? Think of it as a Divine quality of God to which you can attune. Something a little bigger than the usual way you identify yourself.

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