Monday, November 14, 2016

Inayati Sufi Order and use of the breath


"Every form I see is Thine own form, My Lord,
And every sound I hear is Thine own voice;
In the perfume of flowers I perceive the fragrance of Thy spirit;
In every word spoken to me
I hear Thy voice, My Lord.
All that touches me is Thine own touch;
In every thing I taste
I enjoy the savour of Thy delicious spirit.
"The wise see in every form the divine form.
 in every heart they see 
the divine light shining."

In the practice of remembrance, the remembering of whom we are, we use concentration, contemplation and meditation practices. The remembering may take the form of the repetition of Wazifa (one or many of the 99 names of God), Zikar (the mantra of remembrance) or Muraqaba (silent meditation) and realization. All methods work in tandem or focus centrally on the use of the breath and the clearing of obstructions that cover over the heart.

One preliminary practice is the Purification of Four Elements Breath Practice.

Gently, 1st. the earth element:  breath in and out of the nostrils and imagine the colour gold as the outgoing air extends along a flat horizontal plain;
2nd the water element:  breath in the nose and out the mouth and imagine the colour green as the breath falls down and to the left;
3rd. the fire element: breath in mouth and out the nose and imagine the colour red;
4th. the air element: breath in the mouth and out the mouth and imagine the colour  blue as the wind of the air element washes between the molecules of the body.

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